Footscray Community Arts Centre

Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) is an active centre for community arts across painting (exhibitions and classes), dance, music, installation art.  The major exhibition room is the Roslyn Smorgon Gallery – walk between the Happy River Cafe and the FCAC building to reception and the gallery is left of reception.

Until July 28th, they have an installation work – video and screen based titled “Before After”.  Don’t be afraid to ask the staff to turn up the volume so your can hear the artists story, also the script is available in hard copy.

Artist Nikki Lam has considered her family history and created an interesting and engaging visual artwork.  Her family lives in Hong Kong – which once was English but is now Chinese.  In Hong Kong her grandparents were not English and her parents were not Chinese.  Now in Australia a further element is imposed.  A multi-lingiual child born in Hong Kong, living in Australia with her own memories of before Australia, plus generational history / stories of those other times, cultures and lived experience.  This includes now living on land not ceded by it’s aboriginal owners. With this rich history, how to determine ‘identity’ in this new country.  How do we adapt or assimilate? What sense of ‘identity’ is imposed by others?

No photo’s for Nikki’s work – you need to see it on screen and listen to her poetic pondering. The spoken word is essential to her art. I enjoyed this exhibition and wish I had found it earlier.