About Discover Art Victoria

So many Victorians visit the major, international art shows at the National Gallery of Victoria and I wonder how many appreciate the depth and breadth of contemporary  Australian artists, whose work is exhibited, not at the NGV, but in our local galleries.

It doesn’t cost anything to pop into a suburban or regional art gallery, to relax, be inspired and entertained.  You can visit a different art gallery every week.  The exhibitions typically change every three to four weeks, so you can keep going back for more.  Sometimes you might find yourself having a conversation with the gallery owner / curator or even the actual artist.

Catching up with friends over coffee? Include a gallery visit.  Going on day trip or holiday? Include a trip to a local gallery.  There are so many great artists in Australia and small art galleries in Victoria. They all deserve to be experienced and celebrated.  Our artists will inspire, challenge, confront, confuse, and pretty well always amaze with their talent.

Using this site:

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  • “Gallery Visits” for my personal view on a recent visit to a gallery, including an example of an artist’s exhibited artworks.  (I only  post the images after I receive artists permission to do so).
  • “Suburban Galleries” for galleries listed by suburb to find those close to you or where you work
  • “Regional Galleries” for galleries outside of Melbourne for when you go on holidays.
  • “Archive” option on the home page – this enables you to select previous months to see earlier gallery visits.  Hopefully it will inspire you to discover our wonderful Australian artists and visit a local gallery.


Important notes:

I will only upload an image of the artwork after I have received the artists permission.  This may take a few days after I have uploaded my Gallery Visit commentary. Click on the link to the gallery to find out what is currently in exhibition.  If you want to follow an artist or the gallery I have also provided links to the artists and gallery internet pages.