Australian Galleries (Melbourne)

Australian Galleries in Collingwood is a favourite and this month has truly varied exhibitions.

June Tupicoff exhibits landscapes painted from her european and Australian travels.  She has large colourful oil paintings capturing the moodiness of french sunrises and sunsets while her pastel works capture the movement of grasses on sandy beach tracks  on Stradbroke Island.

Japanese Picture Books and Prints. are on display around the corner in the East Gallery.  It contains some beautifully executed drawings /prints and some very old books for the more liberally minded.  I was taken back to my first viewing of the artworks in Ubud Indonesia many years ago, when it occurred to me that my generation was possibly not as free thinking as prior generations had been.

Across the road are wonderful works by Thornton Walker.  A special surprise – the artist was present when we wandered in and so had the pleasure of a chat with him about his arts practice.  Again surprised and pleased with how generous our artists are as he answered questions on ‘how did you do that / get that effect?’  I’m not sure what I liked more – his Freycenet Forest floor scenes or his Breaking Waves.  I think his atmospheric breaking waves will work with the viewer – moody if that is you are feeling other wise restful .







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