This web site is all about encouraging people to discover our wonderful Australian artists by visiting our many local art galleries in the  suburbs and regional towns.

Tens of thousands of us visit the major shows at the National Gallery of Victoria, if you don’t occasionally visit our local art galleries you are missing out on great Australian talent.  Our suburban galleries are free to visit and they will surely give you something to talk about – whether you like what is on display or not.  Exhibitions change usually on a 3 or 4 week basis, so you can keeping going back and discovering new artists and their works.

Work in the city – visit a gallery during your lunch break.  It will help you reset and refresh before starting up again for the long afternoon.

Go for a walk with friends – make a local gallery your destination.  Discuss what you do and don’t like about the art exhibition.

Going to council offices for whatever reason – check if they have a gallery in the building and see what’s on display.

Member of a book club – include a discussion about what’s on display in a local gallery.

In this website:

“Gallery Visits” is my weekly view on a gallery I have visited

“Suburban Galleries” lists galleries by suburb to make it easy for you to find your local galleries or lunchtime offerings.

“Regional Galleries” lists art galleries by town outside of Melbourne

“Archive” button on the navigation panel will take you back to previous months gallery visits.

Note: I will only upload a picture of an artists work once I have received their permission to do so.  Hence it make a take a few days between uploading my gallery visit comments and adding photos of the artists work.