Silo Art Trail (North-east Victoria)

Back in Victoria and happy to say art is alive and well in rural Victoria.  Silo art is helping to bring visitors to small towns and villages across Victoria.  I have followed a trail between Yarrawonga and  Benalla, which also includes a church mural and street art.  The silos all have background details posted at the site to give purpose and context to the murals.  I began in the north at:

  • Tungamah (wildlife)
  • St James (surprising history regarding one of the most successful Australian families and corporate brands)
  • Devenish (commemorates the men and women of Devenish who have served in the military.)
  • Goorambat (conservation and endangered local species)
  • Goorambat Church (No information at the church – it remains a place of worship – inside is a mural of ‘Sophia’ depicting the female aspect of the Holy Spirit.)
  • Winton Wetlands (tribute to local volunteers to the fire brigade)

These are terrific artworks on a grand scale by professional artists.  New silo works continue to appear (new in 2019).

Continue down to Benalla where there is an abundance of street art to be found.  Some is visible on the buildings in the main street but also check out the laneways, arcades and most importantly the car parks where the rear of buildings display beautiful big murals.  There is no ‘context or descriptions for these works.  At the information centre, the “Benalla Visitor Guide” book identifies the locations and the artists responsible for the work.

What was wonderful about this crawl through art in public spaces was the complete absence of graffiti.  Not one of the works has been damaged / destroyed.  Very refreshing.

I am continually amazed at what these artists create using a spray can.  The fine detail is extraordinary.  Don’t stand back and look from a distance, when you can get up close, gaze into the eyes, check out the hairlines, examine the facial contours.

This is a leisurely day trip from Benalla, Yarrawonga, Wangaratta, Nathalia, Numurkah, wherever.  Enjoy a lazy drive through the farmlands.


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