MONA (Tasmania)

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is located in Hobart, Tasmania so I have stepped outside Victoria and it was worth the visit.  Once art was either a painting or an immobile sculpture, nowadays art takes on many forms including light, water, moving parts and so much more.  MONA is more new than old.  It is more installation art than painting and sculpture.    Much of modern art is a statement but not all. The gallery itself is a work of art hidden below ground – pay attention to the walls.  Mona requires at least two hours to explore.

Words / phrases I would use to describe the range of  works at MONA include:

  • Beautiful, tactile, exciting, amazing, amusing, contemplative
  • interactive, finely tuned (mechanical and digitised) puzzling
  • Ugly, confrontational, offensive,

You are provided with a device the size of a mobile phone (and almost no instruction on how to use it ) when you enter the gallery.  Press a button and it will identify which art work you are looking at, by displaying the artist name and artwork title.  Keep pressing buttons until you find the one which gives you the context for the artwork, the artist explanation of meaning or purpose of the work, how it came to be.  This can help clarify the ‘why’ of the more puzzling or confrontational works.

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