Trinity College -“Revealed”

Trinity College has an exhibition “Revealed: Arnhem Land Barks from the Anita Castan Collection – Yirrkala and Milingimbi”.  The exhibition is in the Sir Joseph Burke Gallery in the Gateway Building. (Catch the No 19 tram down Elizabeth Street, and it will drop you outside the gateway.  the stop after the Melbourne University stop)

This is a lovely exhibition, not huge, but includes brief histories of the artists, where possible, and indigenous stories alongside the paintings.

There are  no ‘dot’ paintings  – these works are of x-ray and cross-hatch painting, which does not appear in galleries so often now, although it was included in the  NAIDOC exhibition at the NGV Ian Potter Centre.  It is worth a visit to the Trinity College to remember just how striking this style of indigenous art is and how it can be read  / mapped to the stories they depict.

You can walk around have a good read and a good look.  They have also provided two large soft benches in the middle of the room (thank you), this enables you to sit and have a good long look at individual works and the collection as a whole.





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