ACMi – Australian Centre for the Moving Image is in Federation Square in Melbourne.  They have, until 10th March, a great (free) exhibition of cinematic work by Christian Marclay (unfortunately he is not Australian but this exhibition is so worth a look.

To quote the ACMi website:  “The Clock is a 24-hour video installation made from thousands of clips of clocks, watches and other references to time from film and television.  These are masterfully edited together to present and synced to the present moment in one mesmerising collage.”

So if you are in the cinema at in your lunch hour – lets say 12:15 – the clock referenced in the extract will be 12:45 and they manage to move almost minute by minute through the 24 hours in a day.

I went along because I heard a snippet of a discussion about it on ABC Radio.  As I went about my business for the rest of the day there was this bug in my head – how could such a collage of clips from movies / TV over the last 50 years hang together, I imagined it to be annoyingly disconnected – that it would drive me mad; so off I went to watch a bit.

In a very strange way it works really well together; here was nostalgia (movies and actresses not seen for a long time but well remembered) as well as more recent movies with suspense, amusement and scary bits too.  Not the least bit boring or annoying and strangely, not even disconnected.

You can watch as much as you like or as little, moving into and out of the cinema without annoying others.  Go back at different time of day or night and you will see a completely new series of clips.

All kudos to the artist Richard Marclay for creating this artwork and just as much kudos for those folk who searched out all the time references – what an exercise – end result an artwork that has been in galleries around the world since 2010.





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