The Art Room

The Art Room in Footscray is a wonderful place.  It is a community centre for artists who come from all over Melbourne to take classes, participate in workshops, work in the open studio sessions.  Everything that happens in the Art Room is delivered by professional artists sharing their experiences, techniques, highs and lows of being an artist and how to identify and manage what your art practice is.  They encourage each aspiring artist to develop their own unique styles.  And so it is that when the Art Room has it’s “Open Studio exhibition” at the end of the year, that there is a tremendous range of subject matter, styles and types of art on display.

The exhibition was on Saturday and Sunday, (8/9 December) so I am unfortunately too late in getting this up on the website.  If nothing else this is to make the point that there are so many great artists at work around town whose you will not find them in the major galleries (e.g. NGV); you will find some in your local galleries but there are even more art works that don’t make it into a gallery, because there is so much competition for gallery exhibitions. Look at the art, find and follow the artist that appeals to you.








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