Point Leo Estate (Mornington Peninsula)

The Point Leo Estate is a private enterprise that incorporates, a winery, a restaurant and a sculpture park.  So you can do / spend as much as you want on wine or food.  If you are only interested in the sculpture park there is a $10.00 entry fee and I think it is worth it.

The park sits between vineyards, the restaurant and the ocean.  Although the ocean is not accessible from the park, it forms a glorious back drop to many of the sculptures.  You see through some to the ocean beyond and around others.  The works cover the abstract, architectural, colourful and readily identifiable subject matter.  They are all contemporary including both Australian and international artists (some deceased, some still practising).    Favourites included works by Australian artists Dean Bowen and  Peter Blizzard. For international artists – the work “Sky is the Limit” by Tomokazu Matsuyama, sparkles like a giant chandelier when the sun strikes the polished stainless steel.

Some of the works you will look at and realise that you have seen works by the particular artists before – in public spaces around Melbourne.  We do not have enough art in public spaces in Melbourne.  I believe that any new major construction be it a tower in the CBD or high rise in the suburbs, the builders should be required to provide 1. public space and 2. art in a public space.  We have a wealth of talented artists, our governments and councils should be supporting our artists by including art in public space in the planning approval process.







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