Town Hall Gallery (Hawthorn)

Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn is a really large great space for displaying a broad range of artistic work.  The current exhibition “This Wild Song” (TWS) features the artwork of 27 artists – photographic portraits by Ilona Nelson of 26 significant Australian female artists.  Each artist has also included one of their works.  A feast of artistic endeavour.

The artists cover painting, drawing, photography, digital and video, street art, sculpture / mixed media and so on.  These are not shrinking violets, they are articulate, skilled, professional artists; some of the art may push your comfort zones (although not in an offensive way).

Ilona Nelson has made it her mission to celebrate female artists.  This Wild Song is a long term project so there is always a new artist being added to the existing body of works.  Ilona does not do portraits by capturing a face, she explores the artists works, interviews the artist and develops a vision of how she wishes to portray the artist within the context of their arts practice.  So every portrait, interview, and podcast  is unique and tailored to the  individual.

Visit the TWS website  to explore the strength of our female artists and tap into the podcasts as well.

Ilona Nelson: Portrait of Merryn Trevethan, Artist


Ilona Nelson: Portrait of Freya Jobbins, Artist


Ilona Nelson: Portrat of Maree Clark, Artist


Ilona Nelson: Portrait of Michelle Hamer, Artist


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