Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre

The Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre is located in Altona, one very short block from the beach.  So a perfect day would be to visit the gallery and then go for a walk along the esplanade on the clean, creamy sand,  watch the kite-surfers skipping along the water, stop for a coffee or ice-cream.  The gallery often exhibits works from members of the Hobsons Bay Arts Society.  There are some very talented members.

This weeks exhibition “Here & There” was of works by Robert Mancini.  Rob has a love of birds and that comes through in his art, which covered native birds and migrating visitors.  His works included paintings, mixed media and sculpture.  There was a sense of fun and also admiration for his subject matter in his work, which  sometimes included details of the habitats and distances travelled by the birds.  So beautiful creations, fun creations and informative all at the same time.  What is not to love.

This exhibition concluded the day after my visit unfortunately so visit Rob’s website to find out more about his work and upcoming exhibitions.





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