Fox Galleries

Fox Galleries is located in the Fitzroy / Collingwood arts area.  A small gallery with light filled spaces and interesting exhibitions.

Merryn Trevethan has created “Ruin Nation” .  She draws on Blade Runner, George Orwell, increasingly globalised cities, the digital world, surveillance and fake news to create an exhibition of futuristic urban images.  The larger artworks have a bit of a sci-fi feel  to the bold, over-crowded streetscapes of a future city.  They are brutally architectural, have a sense of depth and drew me up close to see if there is a train or a tram or even a person hiding within the buildings. Not so.  Lots of windows looking down and reflecting back on themselves.  I so hope that this overcrowding of towers, people tucked away inside, is not our future.

On the other hand I feel a touch of romanticism in some of the smaller works , with their finer images and softer colours.  Maybe rose coloured glasses for me.

Merryn Trevethan: “Surveilled Cities #1” 2018 Pigment Ink on archival paper Edition 1 of 5 and 1 Artist Proof 42 x 42cm (Included with artists consent)


Du Chonggang   has created beautifly evocative works of birds perched atop a stack of books.  Interesting juxtaposition between the two artists works but when you read the artists statements they actually do fit together.  I found Du’s works bringing a smile to my face, contrasting books and birds – the tangible and familiar – against the brutal, empty windows, world of the “Ruin Nation”.  Du also has messages in his work, to quote “…. as modern industrial civilisation and urban consumerism devours natural resources on an atrocious scale, the ecological balance is destroyed irreversibly.  How would this kind of environment be suitable for humans to survive if birds cannot even take shelter?”  Made me look at those towers of books a little differently!!

Du Chonggang: After Image No 7, 2015 oil on canvas, 71.5 x 91.5cm (included with artist consent)



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