GallerySmith is currently exhibiting painted, photographic and ceramic artworks.  This is a large space.  Each work has space to breath and good lighting.  There is also always a good variety of great art.

This exhibition is on until 21 July 2018.

Adrian Strampp has both large and small artworks on display.  Adrian has an amazing ability to create images of the dark.  She often uses a limited palette, with wonderfully delicate tonal changes to portray the shadows within the darkness of the night, or (in my mind) the silent stillness of a frosty morning.  You need to sit for a while, watching from a distance and then get up closer to find all the nuanced changes in tone that reveal leaves, the branches of a tree, the side of a mountain or a headlamp within the landscape.  Even in her smaller untitled works she manages to conjure up for me the stillness of a river or the sea on a frosty morning.  I find her artworks to be restful and to resurrect memories of my own travel experiences.

Michelle Stanic’s artwork is large giclee prints of digital photographs she has taken of the German autobahn and Tasmanian forests.  I love the forest and bark images – particularly as the large size  suits the towering, moss covered, forest trees, with filtered sunlight.  Anyone who has visited our Tasmania forests will feel at home with these beautiful images.

Michelle Stanic “Light” 98cm x 172cm, framed 107cm x 181cm – limited edition prints.  Note: “Light” is one of a trilogy.  (Included with artist’s consent)


Fiona Hiscock has created oversized ceramic works, pitchers, basins, bowls and smaller  plates.  The exhibition is titled “Woodland” and everything is beautifully decorated with native flora and fauna.  I love that I can actually recognise the birds.

Fiona_Hiscock_No1_201806                            Fiona_Hiscock_No2_201806




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