beinART Gallery

beinART Gallery is a lovely, bright, little gallery in Brunswick (a few short steps into a laneway / mall off Sydney Road).    The current exhibition runs to 24 June 2018 and features works by multiple, overseas artists.  They each have quite different approaches to their art and in this exhibition, all the works include visions of women. (Just 1 painting of a man managed to sneak in).

Miles Johnston (a british artist) has created delicate, whimsical visions of women in graphite.  Strangely the image of the only man included in this exhibition is just a little bit scary.

Miles Johnston: “Projection” graphite on pearl grey Stonehenge paper 17 x 24.4cm (included with artists permission)


Miles Johnston: “Mitosis” graphite on moleskin paper 13 x 21cm


Kari-Lise Alexander  (an american artist) artworks draw on her scandinavian heritage.  Looking at some of her works I feel as if I am standing outside a window looking in at a woman.  She is  looking out the window, features gently divided by a rain drop sliding down the window pane, totally unaware my presence.

Scott Scheidly (an american artist) artwork has the women and the environment in close contact.  The environment may be flowers, sky or animal. Beautifully rendered, finely detailed oil paintings.

Scott Scheidly: “Halo” Acrylic on Masonite 27.9 x 35.6 cm (included with artists permission)


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