Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG)

The Brunswick Street Gallery has a small street frontage but lots of upstairs gallery space and they always make good use of the street entry, this month with installation art on the walls.  BSG also always has art by a variety of artists on display to engage visitors and this visit was no exception.

Isobel Rayson has a wonderful exhibition of small works (paint and wood) under the title “Time and Trace” the focus is on mark-making.  Isobel uses controlled, small marks to make lovely scenes, some of which fill the wood base and others which allow the blackened wood space to enhance the marks /picture.  In some you can image the rippling surface of water, or ripples in time and some are simple representations of trees in dark space.  They are all restful yet bring a smile.

Ashley McNeil has an exhibition titled “Life, Death and Panic Attacks”. Ashley has tried to illustrate, create a visual experience of panic, anxiety and depression.  These are very powerful images and I feel she has achieved what she set out to do.  Viewed from a safe space of no anxiety, fear or depression they are a bit uncomfortable and a little bit confronting.    Take all that and lock it up inside and it is a little bit scary to think what life might be like trying to deal with these internal pressures.

Ashley McNeil: “Heavy Venom” Oil on canvas 121.5 x 91cm (Included with Artists consent) (Most of us are afraid of snakes so just imagine – paralysing fear,  the gasp of breath caught in the lungs, the weight on the chest)


Chloe Shao draws “in a way that makes her happy” – I like that.  Her exhibition is titled “Parallel Worlds”. Her drawings are novel in that she mixes the human with botanicals in a way that works really well.  The  images are elegant and perfectly formed.

Chloe Shao: “Waiting to flourish” printed on canvas 15 x 15cm. (Included with Artists permission)






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