Original and Authentic Aboriginal Art

“Original And Authentic Aboriginal Art” is a gallery dedicated to aboriginal art and is located in Bourke Street Melbourne. The gallery is committed to the City Of Melbourne  Code of Practice for galleries and retailers of Indigenous Art.  Subscribers are required to register and submit evidence of compliance.  The purpose of the code is to ensure respect for indigenous artists, culture, diversity, artworks, provenance and to eliminate exploitation. (That is very brief summary – it is worth reading the code of practice particularly if you have an interest in purchasing indigenous artwork).

This gallery is full of differing styles of indigenous artwork, including styles that I have not previously realised are indigenous.  I also was enjoying an artwork  that I assumed was a modern representation / style only to discover the painting was created in 1928!  There is colour and monotone, dot works, X-ray and other styles.  Works that are mounted on stretcher bars or made on paper waiting to be purchased and framed. Works that need to be examined up close and viewed from a distance.

What continually amazes me about indigenous art is the discipline and focus to create, in particular, the dot works.  Examine them up close – the dots have clean edges  – not bulging out on one side or another – and the layer of paint is even across the dot (regardless of how small or large the dot may be).  The uniformity of space between dots – until a conscious decision is made to vary either size, space or colours to create an image, or sense of movement, within the canvas.  The same applies to the marks which I call small feathers.  The other stand-out is the balance created across the canvas.

This gallery has a wonderful  display of artworks to enjoy.

The gallery requests that photos not be taken, so I will not display any photo.  Please visit the gallery link to get a taste of the beautiful artworks on display.

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