The Old Auction House (Kyneton)

The Old Auction House has been open for a year.   It provides not only an art gallery, it is working studio, provides various art classes and activities for all ages across varied arts and crafts.  A great arts space provided  by some enthusiastic artists;  they provide gallery space for established artists and community groups – good on them.

Syndicas – A Family of Artists.  This is an exhibition of works by two brothers Syndikas, and children.  Five artists in one family.

Anthony Syndikas (parent) exhibits vivid landscapes in oil paint.

Alex Syndikas (parent) exhibits photographs (manipulated, photomontage)

Alex Syndikas: “Nude and Skeleton” (included with artists consent)


Jean-Luc Syndikas exhibits beautiful photographs and ink drawings.

Diahann Syndikas exhibits mixed media – photo interpretations and acrylic paint plus sculpture.

Natasha Syndikas (RIP passed suddenly  in 2010 at age eighteen) exhibition of photos, evidence even at this young age she too was a talented artist.

Judy Place exhibited a wonderful work titled “Veges”.  It looked like a classical, old still life painting but was actually a contemporary work in pastels.












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