Stockroom (Kyneton)

The Stockroom is both a gallery and a boutique.  You wander through beautiful clothing, hand made shoes and jewellery to the main galleries.  Don’t forget to visit the smaller galleries at the back – you will find interesting works there to.

Erika Gofton’s earlier works reminded of the naiveté and innocence of childhood.     More recent works are confronting for some.  My favourite “Threshold” is not brutal or violent, a child (not a baby or toddler) is present yet concealed behind a diaphanous, semi-transparent, plastic bag.  There is no visible distress – that is the automatic adult reaction to the dangers of plastic bags – confronting.  I wondered about a child seeking refuge from danger, held in isolation for years initially by chain fences and then by something less tangible, less visible but just as constraining, dangerous and hopeless.

Erika Gofton: “Threshold” Oil on Linen 81 x 56cm.  (Included with artist consent)


Chee Yong – these small perfectly formed pieces, titled “Ghosts” seem to progress through stages.  I see a face in a fantasy wood, where the forest gradually takes over the human form.   And strangely for some reason I was thinking of a modern, somewhat darker take on blue willow china.   Each work warrants close examination, it is all about the mark-making.

Chee Yong: “Ghost #4” oil and enamel on wood 29 x 23.5 x 1cm


Adam Cusack has created some very quirky, beautifully executed charcoal drawings.  “Drawing” just doesn’t seem an adequate description for these charcoal artworks,  they almost look like they have been painted.  Amazing.

Adam Cusack: “Inception” 2017   570x750mm h














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