Sand Art Gallery (Romsey)

I loved the Sand Art Gallery.  All the works are sand sculptures.  Rosie and Leo, sand sculptors themselves,  curators of this exhibition,  invited the best sand sculptors from around the world to Romsey, Victoria to create a work of their own design under the theme “The Art of Music”.  All works were created out doors using sand excavated at Langwarrin – great sand for creating detailed sculptures, but hard sand to work with.  The results are quite spectacular – finely, beautifully detailed because of the sand used.

Also gems of this gallery are in fact the curators. Each artist told a story with their work.  Rosie knows all of the stories and tells each of them with humour and passion, as if they were her stories.  If the kids are a bit bored don’t worry, Leo teaches the children how to work with sand and colour.  Both were happy to answer our questions and share their knowledge.  You will walk away with an understanding of how a sand sculptor goes about the work and just how difficult it is to create a cohesive, proportional artwork – that also will not fall down.  Be amazed at the straight lines, sharp edges and beautiful curves – the fact that from every angle the works appear cleanly 3 D.  Stunning.

This exhibition ends 30 April so if you haven’t been yet – go, it is only 45 minutes beyond Tullamarine Airport.  The sculptures cannot be moved so will be demolished.  Another exhibition will commence later in 2018.

Jakub Zimacek (Czech Republic) decided to do some research about Australia and was inspired by musician William Barton to create his work for the “The Art of Music” .  The result is a beautiful sculpture paying homage to Indigenous Australians – it includes dots, lines, didgeridoo and images of aborigines including William Barton.

Jakub Zimacek:


Fergus Mulvany (Ireland): now Fergus’s original sculpture collapsed (the base was a tad too damp – that’s winter in the Macedon Ranges for you) and with a day and a half to go he had to devise a new work with reduced sand and then execute it.  It is beautiful.









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