The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre

The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre currently has two great exhibitions on display.

Celeste Chandler: “be my eyes”

Celeste was provided with a portrait of a male and a female from the art centre collection as the inspiration to create further artworks.  Her response was to create multiple portraits.   In an approach I have not seen before, Celeste has created a collage affect, in that she has painted a portrait and then, borrowing components from the original paintings she has painted in the borrowed images, as if they had been cut out and laid over her painting.  She has also used other approaches but I don’t want to give it all away.  Every time I see new works by Celeste, regardless of the approach she has used, I remain in awe of her ability to capture emotion with paint.  I soak up the entirety of each portrait and then can’t help myself zooming in on the eyes, and with this exhibition I have also started zooming in on the hands.  Look out for the eye that follows you.

Celeste Chandler – be my eyes 4 (2018, Oil on linen 66 x 61 cm)
Courtesy the artist and Nicholas Thompson Gallery. Photograph of the artwork taken by Matthew Stanton



Deborah Kelly: No Human Being is Illegal (in all our glory)

This exhibition consists of multiple life-sized images of your average everyday Australian surrounded by a collage of images or items that have been inspired by or have some connection with the individual.  I love the enthusiasm and the fun of this exhibition.  There is also a very short film of how the works are created – and that just looked fun too.  I would love to include an image but I feel like I need to get both the artists permission and the subjects permission.  I just recommend a visit to see these works.



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