Australian Galleries (Melbourne)

Australian Galleries

A major exhibition of works by Nick Howson.

Nick’s works are new to me and presented an immediate challenge.  His technique is different to anything I have seen before.  While the image remains the same whether you view it up close of from a distance, the effect does change.  I prefer to view his work from a distance.  I recommend a visit to determine how you like to view Nick’s works.  (No photo to be displayed as that would give the ‘effect’ away).  The exhibition includes landscape, cityscape and sports events

Mary Tonkin:

Mary ‘s landscapes do not focus on great expanses rather she goes into the forest (Kalorama) and focuses on a small area.  She captures in splendid colour the layers and the depths (horizontal and vertical) of grass, ferns and trees.  There is a peacefulness in her artworks, she makes me want to go for a walk in her colourful forests and I can almost hear the native birds singing.

Marty Tonkin “Dance 1, Kalorama” oil on linen 42cm x 120cm  AG104865   © The Artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne and Sydney.


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