Mingara Gallery (Phillip Island / Cowes)

Mingara Gallery warrants a visit any time you visit Phillip Island, it showcases contemporary works from our wonderful artists living in Gippsland.  This includes painting, sculpture and jewellery. This visit I discovered works by Sara Paxton -painter, Rod Macleish – painter and Nicole Allen – sculptor.

Sara Paxton: I love the way Sara has used colour to capture the great australian sky in all it’s states and moods.  In these particular paintings two thirds of the canvas is sky and she has still captured the form, texture and distance of the landscape beneath.  Beautiful works you can get lost in.  Visit her website to see the breadth of landscape approaches.

Sara Paxton: “Beneath the Clouds” 60 x 160cm, oil on canvas. (Included with artists consent)


Rod Mcleish: Rod has created  some wonderful watercolour landscapes.  Watercolour is very unforgiving, Rod finds simplicity in the natural form yet captures the colour and solidity of land and trees above the wateriness of their reflections.

Rod Mcleish: Untitled, Ink, acrylic and watercolour on paper. 76 x 56cm. (Included with artists consent)


Nicole Allen: Nicole uses many different mediums however in this exhibition the works are all poured aluminium.  It included delightfully fun bar stools and beautiful streamlined sculptures. Temptingly tactile.

Nicole Allen: Face Stool (included with artist’s consent)



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