Collins Place Gallery


Collins Place Gallery has surprised me again, this time with an exhibition showcasing works by  veterans and serving members of the armed forces. Curator Bruce Copland with (AVNAM) Australian National Veterans Arts Museum have worked together to create this exhibition.

It does not glorify or demonise war.  Each individual artist statement briefly describes their current status (serving / veteran, PTSD / acquired brain injury etc), acknowledges that war has changed them and how art helps them to navigate their new selves in their new lives.  Read the statement and then examine the work.

These are also the best artist statements I have encountered – easy straightforward language, no need to get the dictionary out.  The statements and the artworks actually connect, they make sense together (a rare blessing). The paintings, drawings and photographs tell stories – true and personal stories.

The banner below shows a portion of one of the works.  There is also an artist-in-residence program with Sean Burton, a veteran.  Visit the gallery website for details. This exhibition is very well worth the visit.



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