Lorne Sculpture Biennale “Landfall”

Well something a bit different this week.  Every two years Lorne holds a sculpture exhibition for local and international artists.  Most of the sculptures are on the sand or on the grass above the sand.  So you get to enjoy the sculpture, beautiful sea views and the sunshine all at once.  What a lovely way to enjoy Lorne.

The exhibition starts at one end of Lorne (from the swing bridge / boardwalk) and goes all the way to the the other (at the pier) If you are not a fan of walking on the sand, you can actually avoid most of it .  You can walk on the path under the shade of the trees just behind the beach front – there are little cut ins to the beach and that is where many of the beach side sculptures are located.  There is also a small sculpture exhibition in the church hall.

There are some great works on display, they are both quirky and challenging, so if you are around that way over the school holidays take a look.

Marcus Tatton (Tasmania):  “The equation” from the series “Woodstack”  (Firewood sourced locally and stacked with wire and steel)


Pedros Pires (international):  “Everyday life” plastic water basins, gum boots, metal, concrete.  Wonderfully quirky artwork on the path behind the main beach.



Brigit Heller: (Australia): “Paradiso perduto” 300 ‘fronds’, steel


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