Australian Galleries (Melbourne)

Austrian Galleries (Melbourne) is one of my favourite galleries, popped in to discover some great works on their last exhibition day, prints by established and contrasting artists, Rosalind Atkins in monotone (black or orange or green) and Fleur Rendell in brilliant colours.

Rosalind Atkins “Reflections”.  Rosalind is multi-talented, with the various displayed works created by either wood block engraving or photogram and etching, or photogravure and copper engraving.  I  enjoyed all of her works and was captivated by a series of wood engravings titled “Once were trees” and “Yarra bank behind the mill”.  Rosalind was present and I had a brief chat wondering at how she achieved such fine detail in such a small space.  She uses hand engraving tools (equipment that has not changed in decades) but without any use of magnifying lens as she doesn’t like anything to get between her and her art.  Impressed as her works ranged from small (11.5cm x 13.5cm) to quite large (36cm x 90cm) and the detail was always exquisite.  My photographic skills failed me so I have included another of her beautiful works below.

“Grass X 2017” Rosalind Atkins monotype, 29.5cm x 38.5cm, AG111185 © The Artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne and Sydney.


Fleur Rendell‘s works were from wood block engravings and linocut.  These works  ranged up to 54cm x 26 cm.  Wonderfully happy images with vibrant colour blocks. For this exhibition, most were of native flowers and then there was this quirky little print.

Fleur Rendell: “Someone else’s shoes” Colour linocut edition 12, 20cm x 36cm, AG306595 © The Artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne and Sydney.






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