West End Gallery

Another visit to this gallery to view photographic, painted and installation artworks. I particularly enjoyed:

Judy Hudson: “The Memory Garden” is a series of black and white photographs in which she has captured graceful nudes, posed amid luxurious fabrics, in old rooms.  They evoke times  long past of leisure and lounging, muses and mistresses.



Cally Lotz: in stark contrast to the memory garden, “Restrain” captures barbed wire, chains, keys and rope in oil paint.  Sounds dark but it isn’t.   It is actually amazing how good pieces of metal and rope can appear painted on canvas.

“Tied” 2017 Oil on Linen. Included with artists permission.


Bridget Nicholson: “A Retrospective” is an installation artwork with a narrative behind it. The exhibition includes a number of different installations.  “Hold” image below,  was made with the Kamilaroi women from Gunnedah area of NSW.   Have a close look and you can find the names of the many indigenous women who participated in the creation of this artwork.

“Hold” 2008, ceramic, steel, copper wire.  Included with artists permission.


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