Alternating Current Art Space

This small gallery in Windsor is an “artist run initiative” (ARI) .  To quote their website “Our exhibition schedule is packed with early and mid-career contemporary artists working in a wide range of mediums”.  There are 4 spaces and you will find that the person seated behind the table is one of the artists whose work is on display.  Have a chat.  This exhibition has oil painting, charcoal, video and two installation pieces.

Jessie Cunningham-Reid: big canvases, bright colors and bold marks characterise Jessie’s works. Looking into the painting I begin to resurrect images from my past  – which are not necessarily the images Jessie had in her memory when creating the painting.   Where as she has painted an old disused cafe I am resurrecting memories of old petrol stations, and another is an old homestead. But that is the beauty of art – we all view artwork from our own perspective, coloured by our own history.

Cafe Plava Boja Bar (Blue Bar) by Jessie Cunningham-Reid  2017  Oil on linen 91 x 122 cm (included with artists consent)


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