Tacit Galleries

Tacit Galleries has lots of space and accommodates a wide variety of artists at any given time. This visit there were photographic, painted, digital and mixed media artworks.  Something new and different around every corner – literally.  Artists included:

Nonie Sutcliffe:  there are multiple layers in these works (Mono prints, watercolour and digital imagery) that have you literally peering beneath the surface to explore the entirety of the artwork.  Copyright Tacit Galleries and Nonie Sutcliffe.


Damon Kowarsky:   The portraits in this show are straightforward, muscular and give a sense of strength and place.  I love that he does this with minimal detail.  This work is titled “Michel” Copyright Tacit Galleries and Damon Kowarski.


Glenys Mann:  uses  acrylic paint and material (clothing / thread) on canvas to create works which evoked, for me, a sense of past lives, tradition and and rural isolation. Copyright Tacit Galleries and Glenys Mann.


Cathy Hayward: Cathy has created beautiful seascapes.  The images evoke an unsullied, untouched vista from shore to horizon.  You can lose yourself in the sand or the sea or the sky. Copyright Tacit Galleries and Cathy Hayward.


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