Firestation (Malvern)

This month the Fire Station Print Studio had an exhibition titled Circus.  I confess I was a bit ho hum before I went in to discover some charming small works in a variety of medium, depicting images of circus performers.  There were multiple exhibiting artists, who had visited the Women’s Circus in Footscray to draw the women in action.

Sue Top exhibited three bright colourful, detailed works depicting the flexibility of a circus performer, using mono print, thread and aquarelle. There was also  lino cut by Belinda Kopietz.

Then there were the watercolours by Maggie Chiara Cowling.  Maggie works in watercolours (still life, landscape, portraits) which is very unforgiving, yet she used minimal marks and colors to create the image of the performer, sitting, swinging and hanging from the trapeze.  I am always amazed at the skill of those artists able to capture form, movement  and definition with so few marks.

This is a little gallery near the Malvern Town Hall, it can be reached by trams down Glenferrie Road or High Street.  Lots of cafes nearby and lovely shaded avenues to walk around.

Sue Top: Flying Parts 1, 2 and 3.  (included with artists permission)


Maggie Chiara Cowling: (included with artists permission)


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