C3 Contemporary Art Space

C3 Contemporary is located in the beautiful Abbotsford Convent and  is surrounded by lush green gardens and plenty of cafes although I love the bakery best.  This week we discovered painted, print, installation and video art over 6 gallery spaces.  Something for everyone.

There were some striking small black and white prints of the everyday made to look exceptional through simplicity of focus and light (Benjamin Sexton).  Some completely new made structures then photographed in splendid color (Liesl Pfeffer). The completely new was “Concrete Commodity” – both installation and as a canvas for paint and other mediums (Collaborative work).  Gallery 4 had photographic and video/audio – which informed us about Barbados  history and culture; in its short time is is informative and interesting (Torika Bolatagici). And then there were abstract oil paintings by Madeleine Kelly.  The images are complex, the lines clean, colours are a mix of subtle hues and bright highlights.  The more you look the more you find.

Liesl Pfeffer: A Spectral Doubling, 2017, archival giclee print, 120 x 80 cm (included with artists consent)




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