Media House Gallery (lunch time visit)

This month Media House had an exhibition of works by 15 artists from Gippsland. Several works from each artist, a variety of styles and approaches.  The exhibition is on until 01/03/2018 and should encourage everyone to visit regional galleries when you are off on holiday.  The works were all terrific – whether landscape, portrait, abstract.  I liked everything to indicate the range of art on display:

Rhonda Gray: has painted a girl swimming in a pool.  What a challenge to paint water in motion,  She captures it beautifully the different tones of blue, the splashes , the way the water reflects light and the ripples move over the swimmers body.  I cooled down as I stood enjoying this work.

Anita George: vibrant abstract art based on 20 years experience with calligraphy.  Letters become large slightly abstract, colourful shapes that capture the eye.  Anita’s colour choice is bold and bright.  One very important point – noticed time and again -as we visit galleries – the framing of artwork is very important.  Anita’s choice of a purple matting enhances her painting.

The landscapes described below are all beautiful but not traditional / photo-like paintings.  So much better.

Gordon Bain: landscapes built from multiple transparent layers ,simple in form, unusual harmonious colour choices, textured, happy works.  (Gordon no longer lives in Victoria but we won’t hold that against him)

Lynne Bickhoff: Lynne cites a quote by Pablo Picasso to describe how she works “I paint objects as I think of them not as I see them”.  Beautiful landscapes of our towering eucalyptus forests.

Media House Gallery is in The Age building opposite Southern Cross Station, Collins Street entrance.  Enter the Age building via the Cafe, pass the security / reception desk and take the steps up to the mezzanine Gallery. (Unfortunately I could not find a home web site / link for Media House Gallery exhibitions)

Anita George: “Q I am not bound by form” (included with artists permission)



Rhonda Gray: (included with artists consent)


Gordon Bain: (included with artists consent) This artwork was also beautifully framed however to cut out reflections of the street I have cropped down to the art work only.


Lynne Bickhoff: Mountain Streams (included with artists consent)

Lynee_Bickhoff_Mountain STreams_201802



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