Collins Place Gallery (a lunchtime visit)

Collins Place Gallery is a little gem, that “hosts a rotating line up of not for profit arts organisations alongside new and emerging artists.”  I love it because it is always unexpected.  I have seen ceramics, paintings, charcoal drawings, Tiwi Island artworks, prints and even projects being worked on by university science students.  Sometimes there are great stories behind the exhibition (science students seeking cost effective, life changing solutions for impoverished communities, two men drawing – architects who sketch people everywhere they go, Tiwi Islanders who are creating a contemporary language for traditional art.)

Unfortunately for this little gallery it’s location is not in line of site for most people  wandering around Collins Place buying their lunch.  When you enter the mall from Collins Street, veer to the left, (towards the Sofitel Hotel), go down a short flight of steps and the gallery is on the far side of the escalators.  Have lunch then  pop in to check out the art and have a chat with whoever is on duty in the gallery.

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